ShelShocked #07 - Vaccine Denial

Introduction includes a conversation in which Sheldon and Marilin discuss current pro-vaccination laws in California, and commentary by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about vaccine deniers. An Interview with pediatrician and infectious disease specialist, Dr. Paul Offit. A Science Report about Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent research claiming a link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The Good News segment from Marilin detailing a Canadian woman's conversion from vaccine denier to vaccine proponent. And a special segment from former co-host Amanda DeVaus about new laws in Australia that seek to protect everyone by requiring vaccination for all citizens.


CLICK HERE to visit the Vaccine Education Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

CLICK HERE to read about Tara Hills, Canadian mother of 7, who converted to vaccine proponent.

CLICK HERE to see what disgraced former researcher Andrew Wakefield has to say about the current measles outbreak in California, and how he's sticking to his story about an autism link.

CLICK HERE to read details of Australia's newly introduced crackdown on religious exemptions to vaccination.

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