ShelShocked #05 - LGBT Issues and Skepticism

Introduction to the topic discussing Indiana's passage of their discriminatory Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Interview with famed neuroscientist Dr. Simon LeVay about his research on the biological roots of sexual orientation. Science Report on the horrors of so-called "Gay Conversion Therapy." And a Good News segment from Marilin about progress in welcoming LGBT people into the world of baseball.


CLICK HERE to read a synopsis of Indiana's discriminatory RFRA law from the Washington Post.

CLICK HERE to visit the web site of neuroscientist Dr. Simon LeVay, and for information about his research, books, etc.

CLICK HERE to watch a documentary about a gay conversion group and its attempts to use fellowship and pseudo-therapy to generate heterosexuality.

CLICK HERE to contribute to the Oakland A's "Filling the Stands on Pride Night" campaign.