ShelShocked #04 - Cults and New Religious Movements

Introduction of new co-host, Marilin Colón, and discussion about HBO's "Going Clear" documentary about Scientology. Interview with psychologist and cult expert Dr. Patrick O'Reilly. Science Report about the history of research on cognitive dissonance, and its role in cult membership. Good News about former FLDS member Sabrina Tetzner's successful battle to reunite with her children after leaving the cult.


CLICK HERE to visit the HBO web page for "Going Clear," the documentary on Scientology

CLICK HERE to check out Operation Clambake, a comprehensive resource for information on Scientology.

CLICK HERE to purchase Dr. Patrick O'Reilly's book "Undue Influence: Cons, Scams, and Mind Control. UPDATE: Dr. O'Reilly's book is undergoing updates for a new edition, with over 70 more pages of content being added. Please check back for more info as it becomes available.

CLICK HERE to purchase "When Prophecy Fails."

CLICK HERE to read about the mother regaining custody of her children from Warren Jeffs' FLDS cult.