ShelShocked #03 - Skeptical Activism

Sheldon and Amanda discuss their roles in Operation Bumblebee, a skeptical investigation of self-described psychic medium Chip Coffey, and the reaction by some in the skeptic community. Interview with Jay Novella from the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast about his video project, "Occ, the Skeptical Caveman." Science Report on the psychological research of influence and persuasion, and how it can be used by skeptical activists. The Good News about successful activism against the Burzynski Clinic and its dubious claims to treat and cure cancer.


CLICK HERE to read Chip Coffey's response to the Operation Bumblebee investigation.

CLICK HERE to visit the YouTube channel for "Occ, the Skeptical Caveman."

CLICK HERE to order "Undue Influence" by Dr. Patrick O'Reilly, and CLICK HERE to order "Age of Propaganda" by Drs. Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson.

CLICK HERE to check out "The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group" website.

CLICK HERE for information about the SkeptiCal Conference (Saturday, June 6th, 2015).