ShelShocked #11 - The Theory of Evolution

Introduction with Marilin and Sheldon discussing defenses against some of the lame Creationist arguments against evolution. An Interview (Marilin's first!) with science defender Dr. Eugenie Scott. A Science Report about a Russian project to breed tame foxes that may shed light on the evolution of the modern dog. And a Good News report about a young man's battle against governor and presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal to keep good science in Louisiana schools.


CLICK HERE to visit the website of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE).

CLICK HERE for information and tickets to Dr. Eugenie Scott's talk at the Commonwealth Club entitled, "Why Do People Reject Good Science?"

CLICK HERE to read about the Russian study on breeding tame foxes that's shedding light on the evolution of dogs from wolves.

CLICK HERE to read about Zach Kopplin, science defender and Bobby Jindal troll.