ShelShocked #15 - Music

Introduction with Sheldon and Marilin discussing the way sociologists and others study the use of music in everyday life. Interview with musician, songwriter, and podcaster, George Hrab. A Science Report about the true meaning behind some of the most popular songs of the 20th century. A Good News segment from Marilin that details a program that uses music to help those suffering from age-related dementia.


CLICK HERE to visit the homepage of Music & Arts in Action, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the scientific study of the effect of music on society.

CLICK HERE to visit the homepage of musician, singer/songwriter, and popular podcaster George Hrab.

CLICK HERE to view and download some of George Hrab's excellent music.

CLICK HERE to read about some other misunderstood meanings of popular songs.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Music & Memory, a wonderful non-profit that brings comfort and happiness to those suffering from dementia and other brain disorders through music.