ShelShocked #16 - Transgender Issues

Introduction in which Sheldon and Marilin discuss statistics on Transgender demographics, discrimination against Trans citizens, and efforts to ensure protection and fair treatment. An Interview with Trans actress and model, Cassandra Cass. A Science Report on the proper terminology and "do's and don'ts" regarding discussing Transgender issues. A Good News report on new laws in the state of New York that make it easier for Trans citizens to get equal treatment and access to services.


to read details about Transgender Americans from the Injustice at Every Turn program from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

CLICK HERE to take a survey (only if you're Trans) whose data could help inform state and Federal government about the numbers and needs of Trans Americans.

CLICK HERE to check out Trans actress and model Cassandra Cass, including pictures, video, and details about her life, career, and upcoming performances.

CLICK HERE to access the University of California, Davis' "LGBT Resource Center."

CLICK HERE to read about New York state's new changes to their laws regarding gender identification and birth certificates.